Giveaways Made From Our Waste Materials

Our Social Impact

As a company headlined by two women we are incredibly passionate about promoting women in the workplace. The goal is to employ, educate, and help empower women. We regularly outsource fabrication work like making tags, fringes, trims and knitting to a local women’s ashram near our studio. These women are victims of domestic violence or widowed and in most cases homeless with no source of income. We also regularly work with artisans in villages in West-Bengal for hand-woven fabrics. These artisans work only in daylight as electric power has not reached their villages yet. It has been a privilege to work with these families for the last few years, and to know that income generated by us for them helps them educate their children and send them to school.  

Our Environmental Impact

STUDIO 23 is the latest offering of our family fabric business. This gives us access to a large amount of fabric resources as a result of which we end up using a lot of unused fabric materials for linings, slips, piping, and packaging. We are very aware that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries of the world. Globally it produces 13 million tons of textile waste, out of which 95% can and should be recycled or up-cycled. As well informed members of this industry, it is our duty to do whatever we can to reduce this amount of waste.