Our Process

The creation process is on-going at all times. As we are a small team of collaborators and designers, we are constantly bouncing ideas off each other, sharing pictures from our travels, visions, print inspiration, and ideas. Since we’ve grown up around fabric and textile, we are extremely well versed in it, and we know and understand the fluidity, sturdiness, and weight of different materials. The ready-to-wear collection for Indian and Contemporary clothing came very naturally to us. As an empowered female duo – we have a certain design and aesthetic in mind. The prints give these designs life.  For the Home furnishings – we have been able to experiment with different print stories. We’ve taken pictures, worked with other freelance graphic designers, and put our own twist to these prints. Once we have a collection of prints or a story in mind, we start to experiment with fabrics and see how the prints translate on them. We have a small team of tailors and embroiders that we work with directly – and they help bring our sketches, and printed fabric to life, in the form of garments, and soft furnishings.